What’s Your Mood?

“The mind and body are not separate. What affects one, affects the other.”

It has been proven that maintaining a healthy diet will have a direct effect on your mood.

SMOODIES offer you four categories of delightful smoothies that are specifically tailored to your mood. It’s the easy solution you can actually feel good about! 

SMOODIES contain all-natural, wholesome ingredients. They consist of fruits, vegetables, seeds, natural supplements, seeds and nut butters. No sugar added! No powders! No preservatives!

SMOODIES are delicious! Each Smoodie is a culinary triumph — a unique combination of flavorful and fresh ingredients. 

Caution: SMOODIES might be addicting! Proceed at your own risk. Side effects include increased happiness, health, wellbeing, energy and smiling. Lots and lots of smiling. 

Meal Replacement

Mood For Food

Meal Time

These full of nutrition smoothies are just what your body need.

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Mood For Immunity

Immunity Booster

In need for a stronger immune system?
These smoothies will help you fight any cold or flu.

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Mood For Life


These smoothies will help you supercharge for the whole day.

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Mood For Health

Post Workout

In need for refuel?
These smoothies will give your muscles the protein and the good carbs that they need.

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