Frequently Asked Questions

Smoodies are delightful liquid concoctions that provide health, nutrition, satisfaction and pleasure to fit whatever mood you might be in.  The pre-packaged, frozen combinations of fruits, vegetables, seeds, spices, nut butters, and other carefully selected products are easy, convenient and always packed full of goodness. Each recipe is crafted by our nutrition specialists to meet your dietary and health needs, with no artificial powders, syrups or additives. Just open, pour, blend (any blender will do) and enjoy a delicious smoothie that will fulfill what you’ve been craving — whether it’s energy, an immune boost, a meal, or an after workout replenishment. 

We would like to encourage people to be more in tune with their minds and bodies. Listen to what your body is telling you, you’ll be surprised how much it has to say. Our philosophy is that health and happiness go hand in hand, so before you choose a Smoodie, take a moment to ask yourself, What mood am I in? What will make me (my body and mind) happy right now? Are you craving a satisfying meal? Are you feeling drained? Do you need something refreshing after a rigorous workout? Our Smoodies are sorted by categories, not flavors, so that you take that extra step of being mindful and tuning in to your needs.

WE RECOMMEND: Water (filtered or real spring water), almond milk, coconut milk/water, organic fruit juices, fresh squeezed or pressed juice, or tea. Since all of our Smoodies provide iron and/or numerous vitamins, we suggest you avoid dairy liquids (mainly milk). Calcium can prevent the body from absorbing vitamins and iron. Amount of Liquid: Adjust the quantity of liquid depending on the consistency you prefer. For a more dense, thick Smoodie, add less liquid. For a thinner, or more diluted Smoodie, add more liquid.  

Smoodies are extraordinarily healthy. Each of our recipes packs ingredients that have well documented health benefits, in a natural, raw form. They include many incredibly powerful health products that the average person does not consume regularly, because of a lack of knowledge, accessibility, or the effort to obtain them. Smoodies help you meet your daily nutritional requirements, which most people struggle to attain.  Smoodies also have an added benefit: Since your blender is more powerful than your mouth, blending vegetables and fruit can actually be more effective than chewing because it “breaks down” and extracts the nutrients and fibers that your body needs in a faster, more efficient way. Leaving you with the heavy duty work of savoring that delicious Smoodie!
Although both, if made correctly, are healthy options, we believe that smoothies are healthier than fruit or vegetable juices. When juices are extracted from fruits or vegetables, you get vitamins and minerals, but no fibers. Smoothies on the other hand are made from whole fruit and vegetables (sometime including the peel), so you get to enjoy the important benefits of the fibers as well. This keeps your digestive tract healthy, slows down the absorption of sugar and keeps you full for longer stretches of time.  Smoothies also maintain their nutritional value longer than juices. Smoothies can stay in the freezer for up to three months while a juice’s shelf life is approximately 72 hours after juicing, if stored correctly and no preservatives are added. Studies show that as soon as three days after being picked, many fruits and vegetables lose a significant number of their nutrients when they are on the shelf and not frozen.
Smoodies do not need to be defrosted. They should stay frozen until you’re ready to drink them, at which point you can add the liquid of your choice, blend and enjoy!
In general, Smoodies can last three months in the freezer and still maintain their integrity. However, we encourage you to look for the “best if used by” date on the package and enjoy your Smoodie before the indicated date.
Our vacuum sealed frozen packaging process keeps Smoodies fresh without the use of any preservatives. Smoodies maintain their nutrients and vitamins for up to three months in a frozen state.

In the freezer until ready to use.

Bring it on! We would love to hear your ideas for awesome new flavors. We’re constantly looking for creative uses of fresh ingredients and innovative combinations, and we welcome your input.  Email us 24/7 at