The Story of Smoodies™

Smoodies was founded because of my passion for healthy and natural, wholesome ingredients as well as rich, varied flavors from around the world. 

Years of personal experience pointed to an obvious truth: we all know that we should be eating healthier, but at the end of the day, you’re hungry and busy and looking for a fast solution. There is a huge gap between your health goals and what you’re able to realistically accomplish.

That’s where Smoodies came into the picture.

I rolled up my sleeves, charged up my blenders and got to work crafting scrumptious mixtures, investing tons of research and thought into each Smoodie’s taste and nutritional value. I also thought deeply about the purpose of each Smoodie, what it contributes to your life, and I related each recipe to a specific mood.

I created Smoodies for people like me, from all walks of life, so that they can consume healthful food that they feel good about, with minimal effort. In order to live a healthy lifestyle, it needs to be simple, easy and accessible. Not to mention delicious!!!

My journey thus far has been spiced with excitement and sprinkled with sweetness, and I invite you to join us on this adventure!!

What are you in the mood for?


Founder, Smoodies


We are on a mission to help busy people rethink their lifestyle choices by establishing healthy habits that are easy to stick with.

Eating fruits and vegetables in a liquid form is not about eating less or skipping meals, it’s about eating better. It is not a diet, it is a way of life.

Our process of flash freezing the Smoodies helps preserve nutrients and keep ingredients fresher than if they were sitting in your refridgerator.

We’ve carefully balanced ingredients that complement one another and enhance the health benefits of the overall recipe.


Mind and body are not separate.

We want to encourage people to be aware of their mood – stop and ask yourself this basic question: how am I feeling? what is my mood right now?

Self-awareness is an important key to creating a better you.

We invite you to take two minutes of your day to connect with your inner energy flow. Discover what it is you crave? Great! Grab a Smoodie that satisfies your mood!

Natural Flavors

We believe that there is a natural solution for all of your body/mind needs. Nature contains everything we could possibly want or need.

All of our ingredients are natural, fresh and wholesome. We use a great variety of vegetables, fruit, spices and seeds from around the world that have proven health benefits.

We currently source more than 60 ingredients.

And with all of our Smoodies, what you see is what you get — no added sugar, color, or unnatural flavors are used.


Smoodies offer convenience without compromise!

Food preparation just doesn’t get much easier than this: everything is carefully measured, in the right combination, you don’t have to go to multiple stores to search for superfood. We’ve done it all for you!

Forget about measuring, chopping, freezing, and storing so many ingredients. All you need is a freezer and a basic blender (you don’t even need a kitchen!).

We are on a mission to provide our unique Smoodies kits to retail locations nationwide. Smoodies are a great health product on any shelf — gyms, restaurants, spas, convenient stores, local coffee shops and many more.

Look for Smoodies at a retailer near you soon!

Organic Certified

Vegan Friendly

100% Plant Based

Keren Dorner

Hi, I’m Keren.

I have always been passionate about eating healthy and exercising. My favorite forms of exercise are dancing and pilates. Growing up, fruits and vegetables were a staple of our daily nutrition, but no one really made smoothies back then.

I only discovered smoothies when I was an adult, and let me tell you, it was an immediate love affair. With my gluten free regimen, there aren’t too many options for snacks, and smoothies were a perfect solution. As soon as I made smoothies a regular part of my day, I realized how great of an impact the right combination of ingedients (or wrong combination!) could have on my body, but also on my mood. It was so empowering to suddenly have control over how I felt, physically and emotionally.

I’ve enjoyed experimenting with different ingredients and spices and creating unique flavors, and I can’t wait for others to savor them!



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I’m in the mood for … living life to the fullest and helping others have a happy and healthy life by giving them an easy solution for their every mood.